So nice to meet you.

I am a content strategist, copywriter, and editor who is interested in building products and brands to make communities healthy, collaborative, trustworthy, and generous.  I currently work on very big and very small projects on the world wide web. One day, I hope to design a product that improves the quality of our lives. 

On a personal note, my world is circling around how we design for the 21st century's biggest challenge: building sustainable businesses and communities. With an awareness of this systemic, wicked problem, we know that a new mindset is required—one of mindfulness, collaboration, kindness, and "optimistic grumpiness." One that is unwilling to accept the status quo and yet positively hopeful that things are going to work out. I am most interested in aligning myself with (and being of service to) brands and people who share this vision.

Oh, and I only give four pieces of advice: more nutrients, more breath, more water, more gratitude.

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